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  • Eternal links with water

    Eternal links with water

    For centuries the canals of Bruges have linked the city to the sea, a guarantee of wealth and prosperity. International merchants built up Bruges into one of the largest Hanse cities. In the 15th century the city
    flourished as never before. Large parts of the medieval heritage remained... More

  • World Heritage
  • Romantic hotspot

    Romantic hotspot

    At the grand parties in the princely palace of the dukes of Burgundy, romance was all the rage. This is where mysterious stories found their roots. The legend of the Bruges swans came about in the period after Mary of Burgundy’s passing. Pieter Lanchals, a name which means ‘long... More

  • Living culture

    Living culture

    In medieval Bruges, polyphonic chamber music and choral music reverberated vibrantly. Internationally renowned polyphonists had the run of the elegant city palaces of the rich Burgundians. Since the 19th century this tradition has been continued in the splendidly restored theatre, one of... More

  • City of the Flemish Primitives

    City of the Flemish Primitives

    The economic affluence of the 15th century brought rich merchants to Bruges. They moved into majestic city palaces, packed with works of art. In the wake of the Burgundian dynasty, the great Flemish Primitives, including Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling found their creative niches in... More

  • Capital of chocolate

    Capital of chocolate

    At the end of the Middle Ages a few Bruges families sought new places to trade with. From Madeira they imported cane sugar, and when Spanish explorers brought back cocoa in the 16th century, it was not long before it was mixed with cane sugar. That Bruges would grow into the... More

  • Award-winning restaurants

    Award-winning restaurants

    Bruges is called the epicentre of the world’s gastronomy for good reason. The city places itself on the menu with an impressive list of first-class restaurants.

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